Small 4WD Moreton Island Hire

Moreton Island is fast becoming one of Australia’s most popular destinations for those who want to escape the city and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery and attractions available for nature lovers.

One of the best ways to enjoy the island is through small 4WD Moreton Island hire. There are a number of companies that offer smaller 4 wheel drive vehicles for use of the island. Many of these are located in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. For those wishing to explore the possibilities of small 4WD Moreton Island hire there are a few things to remember when planning the trip.

Firstly – the person who will be driving will need to present a valid driver’s license to the hiring company. Secondly – although rates for smaller 4WD vehicles represent excellent value for money a substantial deposit is also required by most companies.

Moreton Island is becoming increasingly popular due to the incredible number of attractions that make a four wheel drive adventure the ideal escape.

Without doubt one of the premier attractions of the island are the pristine 4×4 friendly beaches which allow visitors access to crystal clear waters and miles of sand to simply relax and explore. There are some popular attractions that should not be missed when driving along the sands.

Foremost among these attractions are the Tangalooma wrecks.  These are ships that have been deliberately sunken to create an artificial marine environment which is today populated by an enormous amount of sea life. Parking your 4×4 and grabbing a snorkel and mask for an easy swim out to the wrecks is the ideal way to spend a few hours enjoying one of the islands best experiences.

For another great 4×4 destination visits The Blue Lagoon which is the largest freshwater lake on the island. Park here and take a dip into water that has been stained and perfumed by Tea Tree and relax as the warm waters ease away the stress of city life.

For those wanting to spend a little more time on the island (and a minimum of two days is recommended) there are a number of camping sites that cater to those driving 4×4’s. There are five campgrounds and also five ‘camping zones’ so the choice of where to overnight is enormous. It may be useful to visit the Queensland Government’s web page as it has a full list of the various options that are available.

For those who want to overnight but want to avoid roughing it the main tourist area – Tangalooma has a number of choices for accommodation including guest houses and villas. These range in price from budget to luxury.

The majority of the trails and beaches are suitable for most novice drivers – however seasonal rains can make some of the dirt tracks a bit tricky and also some beaches may be impassable due to tides and fallen trees. Some common sense should keep most drivers out of trouble. However – as usual when driving on beaches keep an eye out for the incoming tide.

This is an island that should not be missed – it’s the perfect way to unwind and enjoy a superior 4×4 experience.